About Us

Today, Select Energy Services is headquartered in Gainesville, Texas and has grown to become a company with nearly 2,000 employees. We provide services to customers in every major shale play throughout the United States. We deliver innovative and efficient end-to-end water solutions to oilfield operators.

At Select Energy Services, we’re dedicated to providing our customers with an arsenal of efficient and environmentally conscious water solutions to service the full life cycle of the well. Select Energy Services is geographically positioned to provide customized solutions to the unique requirements of every basin.

Select’s robust range of services provide our customers with one source to keep their operations moving and on time—and more importantly, allow them to focus on their objectives and do what they do best.  At Select Energy Services, we pride ourselves in being a trusted partner that offers comprehensive approaches for more convenience and better results.

We at Select Energy Services believe our true value lies within the hard work, proven experience, safety and customer-centric solutions we are able to bring to each and every job or project. Every day is an opportunity for us to work hard, prove our experience, put safety first, and maintain 100% client focus.  After all, we believe that is the only way to operate successfully in the oil and gas industry. Since 2008, we have done just that.