The Select Few. The Select Team.

At Select Energy Services, we challenge their talents and capabilities in order for our team to continue to grow with us. It’s a culture where people care about the communities where we work and care about each other. We are fast paced, innovative and strive to provide exceptional customer service—24/7. Want to know more about being a part of the Select team? Hear what some of our team members have to say about what working for Select Energy Services.

In their own words.


Risk Manager

Every day is different. I like the new challenges and working with a great group of people to solve them.


Field Supervisor

One of the reasons I really like working for Select is ‘Opportunity’. There are all kinds of opportunities to learn new things about the industry, opportunities for advancement, opportunities for pay increases, opportunities for promotion. Select Energy Services hired us to do a particular job for a particular pay. And we’re expected to do that job. But, with a little effort on our part, the opportunities open up. With extra effort, the opportunities are unlimited within the company.


Tank Truck Driver

I like working for Select Energy Services because of the friendly and family like atmosphere. The drivers here are excellent when it comes to team work and helping each other out. Also the benefits that Select Energy Services offers are a great bonus!

Fresh Opportunities

Job Title Location Description Apply
IT Field Specialist – Midland, TX Midland, TX
HSSE Coordinator – Midland, Texas Midland, Texas
AR/PO Processor – San Antonio, TX San Antonio, TX
Equipment Rental CDL Driver- Geary, OK Geary, OK
Yard Supervisor – Bryan, TX Bryan, TX
Accommodations CDL Toter Truck Driver – Geary, OK Geary, OK
Accounting Processor – Dilley, TX Dilley, TX
CDL Drivers – Sweetwater, TX Sweetwater, TX
CDL Toter Truck Driver – Frierson, LA Frierson, LA
Mechanic – Greeley, CO Greeley, CO
CDL Driver – Anthony, KS Anthony, KS
Field Safety Coordinators – Greeley, CO Greeley, CO
Laborers – Anthony, KS Anthony, KS
CDl Driver (Heavy Haul) – Bridgeport, TX Bridgeport, TX
Roustabout – Kenedy, TX Kenedy, TX
Accommodations Make Ready Laborer – Midland, TX Midland, TX
Facility Manager – Williston, ND Williston, ND
Trucking supervisor – Geary, OK Geary, OK
Field Analyst – Midland, TX Midland, TX
Water Transfer Laborers – Williston, ND Williston, ND
Laborers – El Reno, OK El Reno, OK
Laborers- Enid, OK Enid, OK
Laborers – Washington, PA Washington, PA
Laborers – Mansfield, PA Mansfield, PA
Tank Truck Drivers – Grafton, WV Grafton, WV
CDL Drivers – Washington, PA Washington, PA
Operators- Gainesville, TX Gainesville, TX
Pump Truck Operator – Big Lake, TX Big Lake, TX
CDL Holding Equipment Operator – Kenedy, TX Kenedy, TX
Accommodations Field Technician – Geary, OK Geary, OK
Swamper – Kenedy, TX Kenedy, TX
Laborers – Kenedy, TX Kenedy, TX
AR Processor – Avondale, TX Avondale, Texas
Accommodations Field Technician – Enid, OK Enid, OK
Mechanic – Enid, OK Enid, OK
Rental Field Technician – Midland, TX Midland, Texas
Accommodations Field Technician – Midland, TX Midland, Texas
Accommodations CDL Toter Driver – Carlsbad, NM Carlsbad, NM
Laborers – Frierson, LA Frierson, LA
Laborers – Sweetwater, TX Sweetwater, TX
CDL Drivers – Enid, OK (Night) Enid, OK
Laborers – Odessa, TX Odessa, Texas
Accommodations Toter Truck Driver (Peak)- Victoria, TX Victoria, Texas
Heavy Equipment Operator – Kenedy, TX Kenedy, Texas
Field Lead – Greeley, CO Greeley, CO
Well Testers (Experienced) – Greeley, CO Greeley, CO
Operators – Sweetwater, TX Sweetwater, Texas
CDL Drivers – Bridgeport, TX Bridgeport, Texas
Laborers – Bridgeport, TX Bridgeport, Texas
CDL Drivers (Hazmat and Tanker endorsement required) – Frierson, LA Frierson, LA
Tank Truck Drivers – New Philadelphia, OH New Philadelphia, OH
Anchor Truck Operator – Bridgeport, TX Bridgeport, TX
CDL Drivers – Sterling City, TX Sterling City, TX
CDL Drivers – Big Wells, TX Big Wells, TX
CDL Drivers – Avondale, TX – (Nights) Avondale, TX
CDL Drivers – Pecos, TX Pecos, TX
Laborers – Greeley, CO Greeley, CO
CDL Drivers – Brighton, CO Brighton, CO
CDL Drivers – Kenedy, TX Kenedy, TX
CDL Drivers – Odessa, TX Odessa, TX
CDL Drivers – Big Lake, TX Big Lake, TX

Equal Opportunity Employer

Select is an equal opportunity employer and prohibits discrimination and harassment on the basis of sex, race, creed, color, religion, age, national origin, disability, or other status protected by federal, state, or local law.