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Top Trends in Oilfield Water Treatment

Dynamically Matching Chemistry & Treated Water Quality

Join us July 22nd at 10 AM (CST) for a comprehensive review of new methods to match chemistry with treated produced water and its effect on downhole performance and production. We will take an objective look at the implications of various treatments, chemistries, and logistical strategies to help operators achieve their ESG goals.

About the Presenters

Andy Adams Select Infrastructure Bio

Andy Adams is Vice President of Water Management and Infrastructure for Select Energy Services. Mr. Adams is a 25+ year veteran of the Oil and Gas Industry working in the water management sector. He maintains a broad band of experience in overall water management from infrastructure, treatment/reuse, logistics, and disposal. He is the founder and past president of the Permian Basin Water Management Council an operator centric organization developing best practices for water management in the Permian Basin.

Brian Price Rockwater Technology

Brian Price is the Vice President of Technology for Rockwater Energy Solutions. He started his oil and gas chemistry career in 1988 while attending the University of Louisiana – Lafayette (USL at the time) majoring in Chemical Engineering. With an extensive flow assurance and analytical background, Brian has worked with chemical programs in all basins in the U.S. and several international basins. He currently leads Rockwater’s Research and Development, Analytical, Product Line Management, and Quality Control functions.

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