Large Volume AboveGround storage tanks

A cost effective and environmentally conscious option for large-scale well completion programs, steel tanks replace traditional pit construction and reclamation.  Select’s aboveground storage storage (AST) is available in holding capacities from 20k to 40k barrels and is designed for easy transport and assembly.

Unique Design

  • Segmented tank design with bolted connections
  • 12 ft. tank wall height for all designs
  • 62 – 148 ft. diameter excluding accessories
  • Standard segment lengths of 27 & 40 ft.
  • Bucket style liners built to tank size
  • Available in holding capacities from 20,000 to 40,000 barrels

Mobile, Re-Useable Storage

  • Designed for easy assembly, mob, de-mob & transport
  • Segment design provide for transport without pilot vehicles
  • Liner retention clips quickly installed & removed
  • Quick installation and removal

Alternative to Conventional Water Storage

  • Cost effective & environmentally friendly option for large scale well completion programs
  • Replaces traditional pit construction, monitoring, reclamation
  • Site preparation less intrusive
  • Less expensive & simpler logistics when compared to smaller enclosed tanks
  • Lessen amount of trucks on the road during mobilization and transfer

REusable secondary Containment

​Reusable, aboveground containment systems that can be used during the construction, drilling, completion, and production phases of oilfield operations.  Select provides secondary containment that is adaptable to diverse terrain and sensitive environmental areas.  From drive-on containment to two and four-foot options, we’ll find a solution that fits your needs.


  • Comes in 2’, 4’ and 8’ high sections
  • Specially designed foot on each barricade provides exceptional stability
  • Minimal environmental footprint
  • Designed for rapid and simple deployment, virtually eliminating the need for equipment and the use of heavy machinery
  • Can utilize any number of color designs to meet regional needs.  White to reflect heat during the summer in southern regions and black to attract heat during the winter in northern regions.


​Fully equipped, low profile tank units are available for any of your storage requirements. Our experienced team is available to support all of your containment needs including on-site tank delivery, filling and disposing of your fluids as necessary.