+ The AquaView® Difference

AquaView utilizes state of the art electronic components, proprietary software, and a dedicated team of field technicians to provide more than peace of mind to our clients. Select can deploy AquaView enabled equipment in any shale basin, helping our customers make informed decisions concerning engine output, water flow, and water storage requirements. .

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+ equipment

  • Hydrographic Mapping Vessels (HMV)
  • Telemetry Stations
  • Remote Pit Monitors (RPM)
  • Pressure Transducers
  • Tank Monitors
  • Water Quality Monitors
  • Leak Detection Units
  • Flow Meters
  • Meter Trailers
  • Automated Proportioning System

+ Reports & Alerts

Securely track water assets any time, any place with a customized portal and alert system. Access accurate data 24/7 via computer, smart phone, or tablet. Analyze hard numbers and historical data to influence big picture decision-making and receive custom alerts that give you the agility necessary to problem solve on the fly. AquaView® utilizes satellite connectivity to ensure accuracy and reliability for your operations, even in the most remote locations.

+ Mapping

Our Hydrographic Mapping Vessels (HMVs) use sonar, GNSS, and compass technology to give you precise volumetric analyses of your water asset. The HMVs are rapidly deployed, durable enough to handle flowback pits, and nimble enough to navigate through tight spaces in natural ponds.

+ Remote Monitoring

Remotely monitor the volume and quality of your water assets throughout the completion process with accurate, real-time data. Select uses a network of remote monitoring gear to track your water assets from the source to the completion activity. Select delivers the ability to monitor asset storage and flow rates in real time, which increases employee and asset utilization and reduces costs.

+ Frac Monitoring

Make your water more reliable. Aquaview sensors give timely information about acid levels, water temperature and flow rate to a frac supervisor assuring there is enough water in the tanks to complete the stage and early provide alarms to prevent problems.

+ Generator Monitoring

Our technology gives you 24/7 pinpoint accurate readings on the generator fuel levels that power water wells and submersible pumps to continuously feed lines to water storage.