Technology that puts water to work.

Remote Monitoring & Alerts

Real-time and historical data are accessible via mobile device. Alerts can be set to notify operators of an approaching threshold.

Remote Control & Solar Power

A remote portal allows control of assets and valves from any location. Solar arrays allow remote startup and shutdown independent of pump power.

Asset Tracking and Fuel

Onboard GPS tracking of assets and fuel help reduce trips to remote locations and improve safety.

Intelligent Automation

Proprietary automation algorithms help improve labor efficiency and increase safety on location.

SCADA System

AquaView is scalable across multiple projects allowing operators to make broad assessments of water assets.

Water Treatment Integration

AquaView is a key component during treatment operations by integrating with our automated chemical dosing systems, automated proportioning systems and conductivity sensors.

Automated Pumps

AquaView™ Automated Water Transfer Pumps use multiple sensors and proprietary programming to operate and maintain desired water flow rates by modulating pressure within the system. Find out more

Automated Proportioning System

The AquaView™ Automated Proportioning System allows operators can combine two fluid streams to extend the life of water sources and reduce dependence on salt-water disposal wells. Find out more

Automated Manifolds

Our AquaView™ Automated Manifolds work with level sensors to automatically direct, combine or halt the flow of water to multiple destinations and storage tanks.