Fluids Handling

Select’s fluids handling service line includes approximately 200 owned and operated fluid service trucks capable of hauling up to 130 barrels. Our fleet is comprised of vacuum trucks, winch trucks, hydrovacs and frac tanks and is strategically positioned at 8 service points, allowing us to be responsive to your transportation needs.

Our trucking system is exceptionally dependable, efficient and safe due to the following elements:

  • Integrated Dispatch Technology – electronically connects customer information with driver to enable immediate response and customer-driven decision making
  • 24-Hour Mechanical Assistance – mechanical staff is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to limit any downtime associated with maintenance or mechanical repair
  • 24-Hour Supervision – around-the-clock vacuum truck supervision in the field promotes safety and timely execution

Our Fleet 

  • 130bbl Vacuum Trucks
  • Body Load Vacuum Trucks
  • Hydrovacs
  • Winch Trucks
  • Hot Oilers
  • Pressure Trucks
  • Frac Tank Rental
    • Frac Tanks
    • Acid Tanks
    • Mud Tanks
    • Gas Buster Tanks

Hot Oilers • Pressure Trucks • Frac Tanks